I follow a regimen of vitamins, braces, and occasional phone abstinence (more important than you know) to manage my carpal tunnel syndrome. The wrist and finger pain can eventually require potentially expensive surgery, but it should be a last resort. Surgery isn't certainty. The symptoms can return and another procedure isn't always an option or advisable.

The wrist brace is the key component. The vitamins help and abstaining from prolonger period on your devices, especially without your braces, is important. But nothing will be as important as finding the right fit for your wrist.

The braces will sometimes be called a splint or a stabilizer. The difference is minimal and difficult to pin down, but our only concern is that wrist flexion is minimized and your hands are supported in their quest for a pain-free existence.

This list is based off some personal experience as I test out new braces, along with reviews and purchase information made available from sites like Amazon and Better Braces. If you have a nominee or want to share an insight about a particular product, send me an email at ctmalady@gmail.com until I got the forum up and running. The point of this site is to learn and share my experience to find the best carpal tunnel treatments available.

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What is the best wrist brace for carpal tunnel?

The Mueller Green Fitted Wrist Brace has the best mix of comfort, support and aesthetic at a reasonable price point. They are contoured for a much better form fit than the competition, which provides better support. Plus, you won't feel self-conscious wearing these. See my full review below for more detail.

Mueller Wrist Stabilizers

The Mueller wrist stabilizer had been my go-to from the beginning. I use them now for sleeping and occasionally while working, but the fitted brace is better for everyday public use. There are plenty of benefits to the stabilizer along with a few drawbacks, much of which can be found in my carpal tunnel syndrome story.

The antimicrobial braces will fight against funk from prolonged use for up to six months (including sleeping), but they will eventually carry a smell that will ebb and flow with use. You can throw them in the washing machine once or twice before the braces will wear out and need to be replaced.

I will continue to explore other braces in my pursuit of perfection, but the Mueller wrist stabilizer has served me well. They reliably do the job and give my wrists and hands the support it needs to alleviate the pain.

Here is a link to the large/extra large version with the best deal on Amazon, according to the Honey extension. (The Honey extension will be used for all subsequent best deal links.)

Mueller Fitted Wrist Brace - Green Line

The next brace is also within the Mueller family and a close cousin to the wrist stabilizer in terms of Amazon reviews. The fitted wrist brace (Green Line) falls second on this list but is the first choice overall.

The appearance has a less hospital-like aesthetic, with a sleeker and shorter black brace that doesn't reach as far down, ending closer to the wrist. The fitted wrist brace has the same breathable material, adjustable straps, and metal spoon as the stabilizer. The wrist brace, however, comes with the added benefit of earth-friendliness. Each brace is made with non-petroleum based products, including 67% recycled PET bottles.

Make sure you buy a right and a left fitted wrist brace. The wrist stabilizers can be used on either hand, but the the fitted wrist brace is designed for a specific side. Here's a link to the best Amazon Prime deal that has all four options available.

DonJoy ComfortFORM Wrist Support

Don Joy (est. 1977) has enjoyed longevity and a great reputation, and it would appear that their classic option for carpal tunnel treatment lives up to the billing.

The reliable brace is the first on this list to offer three adjustable straps. There's no doubt that an extra strap will help keep you in proper posture to prevent wrist flexion. It also will limit some of your mobility and be a bigger encumbrance on the end of your arms.

One user on the Amazon page replied to a question that it is breathable, and there are many that feel it fits well despite others thinking it is restrictive. If you're looking for superior protection and wrist security, this appears to be a great candidate. And the price isn't too onerous on BetterBraces.com and Amazon.

Don Joy appears to be putting out a new line of braces based on the low number of reviews. They all look interesting and could be excellent alternatives to the ComfortFORM Wrist Support. I look forwarding to reviewing them soon in detail.

Related Don Joy products:

ACE Brand Night Wrist Sleep Support

If you're looking for a sleeping brace that isn't quite so cumbersome, check out the ACE Brand Night Wrist Sleep Support. It's designed with "[c]ushioning beads [to] promote a neutral hand position during sleep.

This piqued my interest enough to throw this brace on my Amazon wishlist with the intention of learning more. I went into the proper sleeping position on my accompanying story, and it's incredible how big small things like hand posture and arm placement are to your general well-being. If I sleep with both of my arms under my head while on my stomach, my shoulders will throb the next day!

Furthermore, this brace is community-vetted with numerous people leaving strong reviews. The bulky brace is a potential luxury because you'll need a different one for working on a computer or other tedious task.


Don Joy Comfortform Wrist and Thumb Support

Much like the thumb spica version above, this Don Joy Comfortform Wrist Brace comes with a thumb support that will only appeal to advanced cases of carpal tunnel. And even then, it's clear this brace is for sleeping only. You won't get any work done or even turn a doorknob with a pair of these stabilizers.

It can also be found on BetterBraces, which included a 25% off sale at the time of publishing.

ProCare Quick Fit Wrist II

The highest-rated brace this far brings a different look. The brace uses four points of tension using nylon cord held together by a small strap of velcro that attaches to the brace. This leaves a lot of velcro on the outside that can catch on sweaters (per one review), carpet, and blankets.

The Quick Fit Wrist II also boasts an adjustable strap between the thumb and forefinger for added customizable comfort.

It's tough to tell how well it works for carpal tunnel issues. Many of the reviews talk about its effectiveness against other physical injuries. In fact, the answer to a question about its  carpal tunnel prowess references an unfortunate kid suffering from cerebral palsy instead. The parent says that the brace is rigid and strong enough to prevent contractions, but also comfortable enough not to irritate the kid's hands.

The look of it is a serious immobilizer that may be great for sleeping. The large size may be breathable, but I'd need to test it out against the others before recommending it too highly. I also have some concerns about its comfort during long working sessions.

You can find the ProCare Quick Fit Wrist II on Amazon in the "One Size Fits Most" option or on Better Braces for a few dollars more.


Aircast A2 Wrist Brace with and without Thumb Spica

Aircast's entry onto this list gives us two versions. The first one has a thumb immobilizer that targets trigger finger in the thumb and other thumb-related issues. This one pulls in modest reviews, mostly due to the difficulty doing anything but sleeping in said brace.

The spica-less version garners much more support on BetterBraces.com. The Aircast brace is the only one with "dual stabilizers above and below the hand," and the malleable aluminum interior is covered with something called "Breath-O-Prene," which promises to be breathable and comfortable.

There are three sizes available to match the three adjustable straps, including the one around the thumb. Reviews gush about this feature, but while many believe it to be the most comfortable brace they've found, there are enough complaints about a lack of comfort to drag the A2 Wrist Brace support down.


Futuro Adjustable Reversible Splint Wrist Brace

The next brace on this list isn't the least deserving. In fact, it's one of the best braces according to Google.

The Futuro Adjustable Reversible Splint Wrist Brace packs every keyword possible into its impossibly long name, but it doesn't lie. The brace can be flipped over the insert and adjusted in order to work on the other hand.

More importantly, many of the Amazon reviews are happy with the brace's ability to bring carpal tunnel relief. The lightweight brace is breathable and might be the best decision for lighter cases of carpal tunnel, but it doesn't appear to have the strength to tackle an advanced case or a lot of pain. It might be better for the maintenance period, and I look forward to trying it out as an alternative to Mueller wrist stabilizer.

Currently, Amazon offers for the Future wrist brace at a good price. I've also seen them on display at Fry's for just under $20. The breathability and comfort will be appealing at that price, as it doesn't look like it will wear out quickly.


Senfhome Comfort Wrist Support Brace

It's not much to look at, but the Senfhome Comfort Wrist Support Brace earned a strong rating, and it must be due to its heartiness. While it doesn't have the medical-supply color of the Mueller wrist stabilizer, its bulky and long form aren't eye-catching either.

That size, however, is how the Senfhome wrist brace is able to generate such high reviews.

The stability of the brace will keep your wrist in the proper position and prevent injuries while asleep. There are tons of reviews that praise its ability to tame carpal tunnel pain, and the breathable fabric is noted in the product details. Hopefully, that is enough to offset the heat that generally comes with bulky braces. One secretary said it wasn't cumbersome when she was working, even "lightweight," although she did remark that she'd never worn it in warmer weather and couldn't speak to if it would make your hands hot.

The price is solid, checking in as one of the cheaper options available. You need to be sure you pay attention to the size and make sure to buy left and right braces, as they are not reversible. One other note of caution is the apparently small thumb hole, but one resourceful reviewer widened the hole with a sharp knife to take care of it.


Wrist Brace by Vive

The Wrist Brace by Vive doesn't trail far behind the last two entries, checking in at 10th on the Amazon sales list despite a lower rating than most other options.

Regardless, sales count. The smaller design and sharper look are certainly more aesthetically appealing than the Senfhome brace. There are two adjustable straps with one wrapping between the thumb and the forefinger for added customizability and comfort.

The key issue for many users has been the smell. Many of the reviews complained about the neoprene scent, with one reviewer going so far as to suggest you cut a thin sock to line the brace and prevent sweating. The price on Amazon is a pretty good selling point. Plenty of people also raved about the functionality and appreciate that there is only one broad strap across the wrist itself. There are also issues with the sizing because they don't fit small hands well.


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