The Mueller Green Fitted Wrist Brace is next review in my search for the best carpal tunnel brace. It’s easily my favorite wrist brace so far and my everyday go-to for work. I have yet to find another brace that can keep me from feeling too self-conscious while providing ample support, superior flexibility and even helping the environment.


There is a lot to like about the Mueller fitted brace, the least of which isn’t the look.

It’s rare to find a brace that you’re not at least somewhat embarrassed to be wearing. The black color keeps the unsightly coffee or food stains from showing, and even the Mueller green logo is aesthetically pleasing. There’s also a green liner that shows on the side where the brace pulls together by two straps and matches the black well.

The fit, however, is where this splint really shines. It’s smaller than the other braces I’ve used, which is nice, but the fitted aspect is also more apparent. It hugs your palm in a supportive fashion. And the upper lip curves with the natural contour of your hand, so your fingers have more freedom than they do in the Mueller Wrist Stabilizer.

In fact, the fit feels so natural that you’ll be able to shake hands without removing the braces. They’re comfortable enough that you don’t notice you’re wearing them, and it doesn’t create sore spots at the top or bottom of the brace like some others.

Lastly, I haven’t had much of an issue with smell. Braces can build up funk from hand sweat. And while my office is kept quite cold, the smell hasn’t built at the same pace as others.

Mueller green fitted wrist brace being tried on and reviewed


The velcro’s longevity is my biggest concern. I’ve started to leave them on for longer periods when possible. Plus, I no longer wrap them up when I’m not using them. It seems basic now, but I would pull the straps tight and secure it via the velcro before putting them away. This has helped prolong their use to a little over four months.


I haven’t found another wrist brace that compares to the Mueller Fitted Wrist Brace. The only drawback can be offset with velcro maintenance and the brace’s affordable price on Amazon. The superior fit, aesthetic and comfort make this brace the best on the market.